Petros Charalampoudis 2019

Mr Petros Charalampoudis is an expert Consultant Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon and his current NHS base is with the reputable Breast Unit of University College London Hospitals. He also sees private patients at world-renown breast units in central London. 

Mr Charalampoudis has dedicated over 14 years in medical, surgical and academic training to become a fine Clinical Consultant Oncoplastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, whilst keeping abreast of the latest innovation and evidence-based practice related to Breast Cancer Care.

Mr Charalampoudis offers the full range of contemporary surgical techniques to achieve sound oncological outcomes along with excellent cosmetic and functional results, through a tailored, highly individualised treatment plan. He is also able to offer revolutionary techniques in oncological and reconstructive surgery of the breast, including neoadjuvant de-escalating strategies as well as pre-pectoral breast reconstruction.


Aside his clinical commitments, Mr Charalampoudis serves as Substantive Examiner at the European Board of Breast Surgery, where in synergy with renown specialists he standard-sets the curriculum for the newly accredited Breast Cancer Specialist Surgeons across Europe.

Mr Charalampoudis is highly commended on delivering oncological safety and excellent cosmetic outcomes, alongside his affable bedside manner and empathetic approach to his patients.

Outside Medicine, he spends time with his family and plays the piano at semi-professional level.